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RangeXTD – Perfect blend of technology with style!

If you are looking for an awesome internet connection at your place, RangeXTD is a perfect device for you. It is a combination of Wi-Fi booster and Wi-Fi extender that works well in eliminating all of the internet problems.

Excellent technology:

Developed by the team of technical experts, RangeXTD works on the latest technology that delivers WPA-PSK and WPA2-PSK encrypted signals only. You can rely on the network security provided by RangeXTD.

It has fewer interactions with the radio signals and works well with exiting smart appliances or high radio signals range. RangeXTD is a dedicated device that performs high irrespective of the nature of things surrounding t it.

RangeXTD has 2 built-in antennas. These serve the basic purpose of receiving the existing Wi-Fi signals and transmitting the amplified signals. The unit performs three functions i.e. accepting the existing Wi-Fi signal, amplifying the Wi-Fi signal, and then transmitting the amplified signal to wider distances. All this is performed in one place only.

RangeXTD helps you to achieve internet speed up to 300Mbps and the range of your existing Wi-Fi router is increased up to 70 meters. These are sufficient speeds to enjoy the heavy internet usage like for online gaming, uploading the larger file, etc, and range to cover an entire place effectively.

Not everyone is an Engineer, right? RangeXTD has a wonderful LED display that helps you to check the existing signal strength and other parameters of the device. It is built on simplified technology to serve us.

Delivering with style!

RangeXTD is a wall-charger type compact electronic device that can be sued at any of the power sockets. To prevent any hassles in the use of the product, the manufacturer of RangeXTD provides a US plug along with the product without any additional cost.

It is a stylish device that is hard to notice and does not require large space for operations. There is no need to rearrange your existing furniture as well. The small size and versatility of RangeXTD make it a highly portable device that can be taken along with you to any place. You can use the same RangeXTD at your home or your office as well.

Unlike other electronic devices and Wi-Fi boosters, RangeXTD is free from tangling wires and does not have overhead antennas. It is a single robust unit that encompasses the best in class hardware to deliver the efficiency in performance in every use.

Most of the technically advanced things lack the beauty and require a definite space for their efficient operation. We are glad to bring you RangeXTD that is a perfect blend of technology with style!

Don’t worry about the price of the product. It is available online at its official website and the company offers heavy discounts on the single and multiple units of RangeXTD. So, if you are still searching for the best product for you, RangeXTD is the ideal choice for improving the internet connectivity at your place. Grab a one for you right now!…